In this new COVID-19 world, buying a house ‘Sight Unseen’ is a reality for more home buyers. Buyers are willing to make an offer on a house they tour online through Zoom and FaceTime with their Realtor. Some buyers make their decision based on photo and video tours because they want to avoid one more potential point of contact for COVID-19. Others make the decision to buy their house online because they live out of state and cannot get to Charlotte fast enough to tour a property that’s in high demand.

There is a growing number of out-of-state buyers, even for the already fast-growing Charlotte metro. Among residents leaving New York and New Jersey, North Carolina is a top destination, along with Florida, Texas, and California. Regardless of the reason, as competition grows for the limited homes available, more new buyers are willing to make an offer on a house they’ve never seen in person.

You, too, can buy your next house online if you trust your Real Estate Agent.

A great Realtor is a key factor in your ability to buy a property ‘Sight Unseen.’ She’s your personal home shopper. Communication between you and your Realtor is even more important when buying a house that you tour online than in person. Your Real Estate Agent should know your wish list and tastes so she can narrow down the choices and help you find a great home. Your agent will still tour the houses in person and she can cross off houses that do not meet your criteria. She will also be on-site for your inspections so that you can address any issues that come up before you close.

It’s possible to find a great house among the limited choices on the market right now, even from a distance. Count on a great agent who knows your preferences well and does her homework.

Enjoy the Adventure!