Charlotte is a great place to own a dog. Perhaps the best part of COVID-19 quarantine was the opportunity to adopt a dog of your own. If you added a four-legged friend to your household during quarantine, you’re not alone! Now that your dog or puppy is trained and part of your family, you may be looking for fun, dog-friendly activities in and around Charlotte. There are great outdoor activities around Charlotte to explore that are dog-friendly, even if you’re still practicing social distance.

Some of our favorite local spots are dog friendly and we’ve created a list for you to test out with your furry friend. We’d love to hear some of your favorites once you try them all!

Freedom Park – Take your dog for a walk around the lake at Freedom Park. This idyllic park is one of the most popular parks in Charlotte and the walking trails are great for both people and dogs. If you want a longer walk, grab the Sugar Creek Greenway. You can take the greenway south through Myers Park, Barclay Downs, and beyond.
Breweries – There’s more than just Lucky Dog for dog-friendly breweries in Charlotte. Several of the local breweries in Charlotte have dog-friendly patios. Sycamore Brewing has a large outdoor patio where you can frequently spot fellow dog owners. Birdsong and NoDa are a couple of better-known breweries where you’re welcome to bring your dog.
US National Whitewater Center – The US National Whitewater Center is dog friendly. The trails are a great activity for your entire family. Enjoy the cooler weather with your dogs. Dogs are allowed throughout the park, including at the outdoor restaurant.
Dog Parks – There are 6 local dog parks managed by Mecklenburg County and all of them are free and open to the public. The parks offer off-leash spaces that are up to 5 acres for your dog to run around with other dogs. Visit a couple of them and choose your favorite.