September and October are some of the busiest months of the year for most young families. School and the return of Fall sports require energy, time, and space. August is a great time to clean out closets and clear out the clutter before the hectic schedules begin and equipment fills your front hall and garage again.

Empty Your Closets

We all know the ‘Back to School’ season will look different this year. You can still take advantage of the changing seasons to determine which clothes your kids will wear to school when they finally do go back, on weekends, and which items don’t fit anymore. Once you clean out your kids’ closets, have a go at your own. Do you need 6 pairs of black work pants if your office has gone completely remote? Drop off your donations at one of the organizations still collecting in your area. In Charlotte, Crisis Assistance Ministry is still taking clothing and household items donations.

Clean Your Kitchen

As you start to Sunday meal prep for the school year and sports season ahead, eliminate items from your kitchen that are just taking up space. If you didn’t use your juicer all summer and don’t plan to start now, you can put that in the donation pile. Toss the spoons and cooking utensils that are past their lifespan. Leave yourself the best tools that you use most often and organize those tools so you can find them every time.

Say Goodbye to Summer Collections

Over the summer, children have time to collect things like leaves, flowers, and rocks in the yard or shells and sand from the beach. If your dryer hasn’t already swallowed them, Fall is a great time to return everything to nature. You can also get creative and use your kids’ collections as decor around your house. Place a group of sticks in a bin or vase on your patio. Your kids will be proud to see their collection on display.

Swap out Decor

If you’re the first one on your block to decorate for Fall, now is your time! August usually begins the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and therefore Fall for all of the Starbucks-lovers among us. While you’re pulling the summer cushions and pillows, toss or donate the ones that probably won’t go out again next year. Save your storage space for things you love and want to use again.

We’re all headed into a different kind of Fall than we’ve ever experienced before. We’re all in this together and need to navigate this ‘Back to School’ season as well as we can. Give yourself and your family the latitude and laughter you need to feel great in your space.

Enjoy the adventure!