Many buyers and sellers put off their move during the Spring in order to stay-at-home. This Summer, with the easing of local restrictions and a desire to move out of large, over-crowded cities, buyers have elected to make their move happen before the new school year starts.

If you’re planning a move this Summer, it’s likely COVID-19 will still be around in the Charlotte area. If you plan in advance, you can minimize contact and get through the process a little easier.

Before you choose a moving company, ask if they can provide a quote virtually. In the past, moving companies sent an adjuster to estimate the cost in person. Some moving companies have switched to virtual quotes based on pictures and/or descriptions of the items you are moving. The virtual quote might not be as accurate, but it avoids one more visitor to your house.

If you are planning a full-service move, ask the moving company in advance about their cleaning protocol and what kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) they provide for their employees and require the employees to wear. The company will likely provide masks, gloves, and booties to their employees. They should clean the trucks thoroughly between long-distance moves and between customers for local moves. Hire a moving company that makes you feel comfortable about your upcoming move.

Professional Movers are experts at moving around within your space and staying out of your way. They will maintain 6’ distance during most of your move and will likely wear masks when it is not possible. Place hand soap and paper towels near each of your sinks and provide hand sanitizer if the moving company does not.

If you’re looking to avoid contact altogether, you can move on your own. Look for resources that will allow you to rent containers that a third party will pick up at your old house and drop off at the new place. It’s more work on your part, but the containers are, and always have been, cleaned between customers so there is little chance that you would ever come in contact with COVID-19 by using them. Different companies offer different options, so you can choose one that works well for your household.

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